About the Authors

Shira is the owner and operator of Handfastings.org.  And now she is busy working on her new online venture, Babymagic.wordpress.com, which is a personal journey through her first pregnancy.  Allie is an elementary school teacher and eager to become a first-time daddy! 


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  1. Lisa replied:


  2. Minda replied:

    We’re so excited and happy for you!! Have a healthy and not-too-nauseaus pregnancy. Candied ginger and chamomile tea always worked for me. (But don’t drink raspberry zinger because that brings on labor!)
    Good luck.

  3. Rich replied:

    Could not be any happier for the two of you! I believe Matthew was right however if it is a girl name her Aunt Shira Jr Tarantino, and if its a boy go with your first choice and combine it with allie’s favorite comic book buying buddy..Cletus Bishop Tarantino. seriously good luck and if you ever need anything we are on the fifth floor, love you guys! -Los Tarantinos

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