Ten Years Ago Today…

I’m sure I wrote the secret origin of Allie and Shira plenty of times, but now that it’s been ten years it’s nice to visit those memories again. For those uninitiated Shira and I found out about each through Match.com. We wrote to each other and realized early on that we had a mutual love and interest for writing. We chatted a few times on the phone and agreed that meeting would be a good idea. I had suggested Arlene’s Grocery because my cousin’s band, Liquid Carousel, was playing there. It was a slam dunk for Shira because she had been wanting to go there. I arrived there with fireprint socks and unknown to Shira was that many of my friends were in attendance. The best compliment I can think of is that many of them thought I knew Shira and they just hadn’t met her yet. By the end of the night I asked Shira to go on an actual date. It’s incredible to think that was ten years ago. Our love has created Cyrus who we adore and who is our life. The waves of thoughts and emotions that cover the last decade are vast. We look forward to the many memories that await, but we cherish where it started. We are blessed by¬† family, friends, and our union.


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