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Book Release Day!

I was thrilled to get a text from Shira telling me the book had arrived. I was even more excited to pose Juniper and Cyrus with the book. It has already been a thrilling ride and we haven’t even gotten to any book signings. Much thanks and love to Shira, Richie, and Jon on this project. I can’t wait to get a chance to do something like this, and I’m glad I got this in before turning 40!

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Picture of the Moment I

I love the look on each of their faces.

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Three Years and Three Months

Today was the three month mark for Juniper. She has been babbling often and been her usual cheerful self. Cyrus is quite a storyteller as well. this photo is from our trip to the Norwalk “Maquarium” for his 3rd birthday. It has been a joyous time!

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