Growing, Walking and… Talking!

I can’t believe that Cyrus’ first birthday has already come and gone!  He is now approaching 17 months (he’s 16 3/4 mos as of this writing).  Cyrus now says a bunch of words, including:

  1. Hi (Cyrus’ first word!  See details in an earlier entry here)
  2. Dad (pronounced da)
  3. Ma (but only when he REALLY REALLY wants something)
  4. Cat
  5. Car
  6. Card (also pronounced car – it’s all in the context, folks!)
  7. Hat
  8. Ball
  9. Milk (pronounced mew)
  10. Cup
  11. Dog (sometimes accompanied by a bark)
  12. Bird (pronounced bir or biry)
  13. Waffle (pronounced bul-bul)
  14. Call (pronounced caw or ca)
  15. Ga (meaning glasses)
  16. More (often meaning milk, sometimes meaning other things he wants)
  17. Elbow (pronounced a-baw; but the other day he said a-baw and was pointing to an apple)
  18. Bye or Buh-bye (no, really!)
  19. Gappa-gappa-gappa (meaning his favorite – only – TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba, usually accompanied by a little dance)
  20. Baby! (referring to himself in pictures.  This is his latest word which just started this week.)

Ok, it has now officially been documented: my son can talk!  Cyrus also apparently puts whole sentences together, but only he can understand them.  Sometimes it sounds like this: “A-ba ba ba ca lewr ama ma ba la da da cra gabacapagaba ga car.”  And sometimes he says, “lalalalelelelealalala,” using his tongue at warp speed.

Here are some recent pictures:

Cyrus on Fern Street May 2010

Hanging out with Honest Abe

The Poohmobile

Puppet hands

Lead singer for The T Family Band

Talking to Grandpa Ray

Sitting in the big person's chair

Lounging in the little person's chair

Hanging with Grandma


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