Cyrus at One Month

It’s crazy to think a month has already passed since this pic was taken. We are enjoying every blessed minute. Although this is my first post since Cyrus has been born I’ve been busy taking pics and jotting down notes and thoughts. We’ve read some books to him and listened to tons of music (specifically Cat Power). Cyrus has been such a peaceful boy. We are mesmerized by him. Of course there are some late night moments where you patience can get stretched but it only take his smile (or fart) to snap you out of it. I want to thank every kind word, thought, gift, gesture that has been sent our way by our many friends. Cyrus enters a world of love and can’t wait to meet you all!


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The REAL Wishlist…

dsc02738Shira & Cyrus looking into each others’ eyes

I know that you know that we have registered at buybuyBaby for all of our baby needs, as well as for all of Cyrus’ favorite children’s books.   But for those who have been asking me what you can get for little Cyrus that is unique and fun, I put together this quickie wish list:

1. A healthy and happy baby.

2. Cyrus wants a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house with a large play room.

3. He wants his own “stimulus” package of approximately $3 million to jump start his college education, begin a trust fund for himself and other important needs for the next 18 years (he would also give some of this to any future siblings).

4. He’ll settle for a years supply of diapers, worth $1,200, at $.27 cents per diaper.  Clean diapers only, please.

Cyrus also accepts hugs and kisses.  But he also thinks this stuff is way cool too:


President Obama Air Force One Wood Toy Collectible*– it has Cyrus’ birthday on it!

*Allie has already purchased this item because it’s so cool!

The cutest website ever for babies with earthy mommies!


Organic seahorse onesie – has two of Cyrus’ daddy’s favorite things: the color orange and seahorses!

Awesome pumpkin hat – we are the Halloween family, you know!


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