It’s A Boy!!!

Cyrus Abraham

born January 20, 2009

7lbs, 4 oz.

Cyrus Abraham

Our little Cyrus

On January 20, 2009 at 2:52 AM, Shira and Allie welcomed into their world the most beautiful bundle of joy, Cyrus Abraham.

He is the most thrilling thing that has ever happened to us.  Allie calls him “The Game Changer.”  Sometimes we call him Houdini because he somehow gets out of his tight little swaddles.   Mere words cannot describe how we feel.  We are so in love with Cyrus.

We have a SON!

To see more photos of our beautiful baby boy, you can click here (album 1):

or here (album 2):

and here (album 3):


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from Washington to Washington

Hope. It’s a word that is filling the airwaves this week. Hope of things to come. It seems like our journey had its start in D.C. during Memorial Day weekend and now it’ll come to an end during Inauguration week. We will keep you posted as soon as possible!

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A Thousand Words

Cheryl and Shira

Cheryl and Shira

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A Real Page Turner

Shira just stated, “Once the baby comes out we are just going to stare at it.” Yes we are incredibly fascinated by her very active baby belly. We just completed watching season 4 of LOST (we won’t have to do that once the little one arrives.) A few more appoinments over the next couple of days and then we head cloer to the “Best Guess Week.”


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Crystal Ball

Another weekend draws to an end and we get closer to a possible Super Bowl bound baby and Eagles. The baby has been moving quite a lot to the point of being very interactive. I spent some of the weekend getting personally ready as well as clearing out the apartment by uploading many of my CD’s to our Itunes. Here’s a couple of pics to show you how much closer Shira is to giving birth and introducing our baby!


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The 38 Week Benchmark!

It would really be cool if my uterus and amniotic fluid were in 80’s pink and purple just like in this 38-week gestational illustration.  Now we are just playing the “waiting game,” going to regular check ups and folding baby towels and clothes.  We’ve transformed our large dresser into a makeshift changing table.  And we are prepping the cats by locking them out of the bedroom sometimes (they’ll be locked out permanently once the baby comes.  Sorry Wish and Samhain!).


Our cat Wish is catching up on all her Parents Magazine reading.

Wish falls asleep reading Parents Magazine

Wish says, "Reading about kids makes me sleepy. zzzzzzzzz..."

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Inching Closer

Another day passes and we get closer to our new baby! Today Shira had a few more appointments and my mom helped her get to them as I got my classroom ready for the couple of days I get off. Shira washed some of the baby clothes and Angela armed us with a baby tub and changing station. Rich and Erica got us a car seat and Shira’s cousin Dale sent us a baby carrier, so we have most of the essentials. Pfhew! Thanks to everyone for their interest in our soon to be newborn AND all of the kind words you have sent our way. Here are a few pics from yesterday!



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Deep Thoughts by almost-Uncle Aaron

“I don’t think animals say to themselves ‘I am pregnant” or ‘She is pregnant’.  But I think they might say to themselves ‘pregnant.’

“I don’t think the cats have ever thought ‘I am a cat, you are not a cat’.  They just think, ‘Mommy food.  Mommy soft.  Mommy here.  Mommy away.  Poop.’ “

Uncle Aaron in ChinaUncle Aaron in China

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“The Year of the Babies”

The quiet before the storm. Today we put together the crib. The bedroom is in decent shape. A story relayed from my sister: Upon waking up this morning my nephew Matthew stated, “It’s January!” To which my nephew Michael responded, “Did Aunt Shira have the baby?” We are busy doing all the final preparations as we head close to the finish line. Whenever that wll be…

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