This is Halloween!

We move another step closer to Cyrus’ sibling…Today Cyrus watched The Great Pumpkin for the first time. I also showed him a few videos from Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. He was expecting Darth Vader to show up. He really liked Jack singing with the moonlight in the background. Afterwards, he said, “This is Halloween”. I then showed him my Nightmare snowglobes. He really enjoyed carving pumpkins! He kept saying lets do this as a family. Cyrus is a sweet guy! I looked at some pics from his first Hallowe’en…can’t believe how big he has gotten!?! Another month has blazed by we are in the final stretch…


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While waiting in the waiting room as we wait for our new baby to arrive, we heard reports it would snow. Suddenly, Cyrus asking for snow the other night didn’t seem so strange, I was also telling me class it could snow in October but it rarely does. When Cyrus saw the snow he was so “excigen”. He said, “maybe I can go on my sled”. We ran around for a few minutes before retreating inside (don’t want to be sneezing for trick-or-treating). This was a rare “treat” that actually led to downed trees and power lines. Other than that, today was a mellow day with just a few more minor set-ups until the baby arrives!

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8th Anniversary!

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Seven Billion

Cyrus is really starting to figure out the world around him…and just in time as his sibling is soon to arrive! We were out in the courtyard and he noted, “They built a trail so I can ride my bike.” Then we were talking about what lives under the ivy…worms, bugs, spiders, chipmunks. Frogs? Elephants? Unicorns? Dragons? Truckdrivers? “No, Trucks live on the road.”

Then when we were going in Cyrus started to hide in the bushes. He stated, “I found camoflouge.” Inside Shira told him to wait and he said, “Used to wait…that’s Arcade Fire!”

From New Yorker: Sometime on October 31st, the world’s population will hit seven billion. This is according to the United Nations Population Fund (Currently at 6,970,135,579)…around ten thousand years ago, there were maybe five million people on Earth. (By the way Cyrus loves the Disney Earth Dvd) By the time of Christ it had climbed to about two hundred million. The billion mark was around 1800. By the 1920’s two billion! Now it’s at about one billion per 12-13 years.

the woods

the stars

seven billion people

there you are

an arm

a leg

youre almost here

 we cannot wait

when the leaves fall

signal your arrive

the glow will continue

for the rest of our lives



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Dear New One,

I love you.  I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing my life with you.  Right now you are swimming around in my belly, making movements and kicks.  Throughout my pregnancy with you, you’ve made me nauseous, hungry, faint, sore, tired, uncomfortable and irritable.  On the upside, it’s all for you and I am so excited that we are close to the end of my pregnancy and near your beginning as a person on this planet.  It’s all a means to an incredible beginning.

Tomorrow marks my 37th week of pregnancy, which is to say that I’m technically full term with you (even though typically pregnancy is 40 weeks).  You are most welcome into our lives at any time, so don’t hesitate to come early if you want (hint).

My 40th birthday party was really fun, especially thanks to Allie, our parents and Lisa.  Here are some highlights:

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We are still trying to think of names for you, so if you want to give me a hint as to what your name is, I’ll meet you in a dream and we can discuss.



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Pinkin Punkin

I place Cyrus down from off my shoulders and he bolted towards the pumpkin patch. It was so “excigen” and he had a blast. The weather was warmer than we would’ve liked but the scenery was definitely fall-like. It seems we mark time in pumpkin patches and rituals. We are so proud of Cyrus…his talking, his singing, his memory, his sense of humor. He will be an excellent big brother.

WoW! Cyrus has grown so much in a year! The first thing people mention is the hair. Like the elderly man who got a kick out of Cyrus today. Cyrus also easily picked up pumpkins this year.

The day was made easier for us because Lisa is in town for Shira’s B-day bash. Nate, Val, Autumn, and Tristan met up with us! It’s great to see them often!

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