A Smile That Would Melt A Thousand Hearts

I had this weird dream the other night that I had nipples all over my body.  I took a closer look at one of them and – it smiled at me!  My heart melted.  Upon awakening, I knew that the smile in real life actually belonged to Cyrus.  His smile is my new reason for living (don’t get me wrong, I still have my other reasons, but this one’s the best)!


As for the nipples, well, I guess I just feel like I’m all nip since I’m breastfeeding.  Cyrus is now falling into some semblance of a “schedule,” if you can call it that.  For now, anyway.  He gets hungry about every 1 hour and 45 minutes during the day, and he’s been going for longer at night, maybe about 2-3 hours, sometimes 4!  Of course he still has his little baby fits as expected.  But every time Cyrus smiles, he just melts my heart – and all else is forgotten!


March 6, 2009. Uncategorized. 1 comment.