Thankful November

These are thankful times. Yes Rit & Erica are having a baby! Ironically they will probably find out their baby’s gender before we do. I have a strange feeling our kids will not be the same gender.

Just separated by membrane and 9 weeks!

Just separated by membrane and 9 weeks!

Today began my five day break from school, but we move quickly through December with report cards and conferences. In recent days we also found out LOST returns on January 21st so the baby might arrive with the new episode. Between holiday season, busy-ness, and getting the apartment ready for the baby time will be flying.

At NRHS, for a walk

At NRHS, for a walk

Just today Shira met with a nutritionist. She gave her some diet ideas as well as tips to get active. Shira tried walking in place while washing the dishes. I’ll let her tell you how that worked out. We did get to do some dancing last weekend.  See the picture below!



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Babies, babies everywhere!

Well, now that I know that Erica has publicly confirmed the rumors, I am proud to announce that my brother in law Rich and his lovely wife Erica are … EXPECTING!!!
Their baby is due at the beginning of June and we are so excited for them.  Now our baby will have a cousin really close in age to play with!  Congrats Erica and Rich!

Allie and I have noticed some major belly movements where we think our baby must be break dancing or moving furniture – not quite sure which.  But it’s been really active lately.  I can literally feel a bump that I think is the head; and the midwife confirmed it for me yesterday!  Wow, neato.

On the downside, I took a glucose test and my numbers were so high that I had to make an appointment with the endocrinologist to keep my sugars in check.  Luckily, if I do in fact have gestational diabetes, it goes away the moment one gives birth.  However, if I do have GD, it means that I would be more likely to develop type-2 diabetes in the future when I am older.  I made an appointment to see a nutritionist too, who I also see next week.  Diabetes before Thanksgiving and the winter holidays?!? Oh Joy.  You’ll all may have to eat some cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for me.  I’ll let you know what the nutritionist says.

Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan

Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan

Allie and I went to our first Hypnobirthing class last week.  It was very informative and I am listening to the CD and reading the book that goes along with the class.  I’m also breathing how she taught us, especially just before I go to bed.  We watched some very interesting videos that showed women giving birth the hypnobirthing way – and they were very calm births!  Not to say that they weren’t intense, but I figured if we can learn to meditate, keep calm and not be fearful, we can have that kind of birth experience too.

Allie and I also signed up for a breastfeeding class on December 11th.  I wonder if Allie will be the only guy there.  He will be learning how to express milk.  He can bring his Cookie Crisp.  Fun for the whole family!

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a monday.

eating cookie crisps. writing a family tree. reading tim burton. listening to new music on the computer. debating the merits of sugary cereal. moving closer to the day.

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On the Move


As this historic week comes to an end, the baby has been very active. Lots of tickling, kicking, and movement. As cousin Nicholas takes his first steps we’ve made closer contact to our little one. Yesterday, I had my hand on Shira’s belly when I felt one of the biggest kicks yet. We’ve even seen the baby moving. Grandma and Grandpa T gave us some books for our baby’s library: Goodnight moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and two Halloween books. we can’t wait to read to the baby (we actually started a little bit).

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Belly Bumps and Bulges

Another visit to the midwives today.  I had to take a yucky glucose test (a common test for gestational diabetes), so hopefully everything will come back normal.  The midwife was feeling around for the baby, and discovered that at the moment the head was on my lower left side and the butt was on my upper right.  And the feet were somewhat at the top of my uterus, and kicking, I might add!

Yesterday I saw a little protrusion, perhaps a hand or a foot, push outwards and stay up for a good second or so.  It was the funniest thing!  It was like a little bulge next to my pippi (that means belly button in Yiddish).  And then it went down again.   Since then Allie and I have actually seen my belly move independently of me, sloshing around and seeing little movements and bumps.  So cool!

At night I feel the baby thump around – lately tapping my sides.  Sometimes it tickles!

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Barack Baby


There are a few moments in history when you watch history unfold right before your eyes. Last night was one of those. Shira and I are so relieved that our baby will be born around the time of Barack’s inaugeration. A moment etched in memory made even more memorable by the constant contacts the baby has been making via Shira’s belly.

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