23 months old!

Holiday Card Outtake

After last years Charlie Brown holiday card we were running low on ideas, until I unboxed my Nutcracker collection. Most people received the card today on Cyrus’ 23rd month “birthday.” Cyrus has been saying “Happy Birthday” quite a lot lately. He even has a fondness for the old Frosty the Snowman cartoon, in which Frosty says “Happy Birthday” upon coming to life. Cyrus has developed a sense of humor and he loves to swing through the air. He is awaiting visits from Santa and Uncle Aaron. He randomly says Nick and Uncle Rich. I love when he says, “I love you too, daddy.”


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Stuff Cyrus Likes

I was browsing a children’s website when I suddenly became overwhelmed and had to write down exactly what Cyrus likes in order to stay focused.  Here’s a general list that I’ve come up with:

  • Monkeys
  • Owls
  • Hats
  • Alphabet / individual letters
  • Numbers and counting
  • Dance music
  • Making music
  • Boxes & bags to put stuff in them and take them out again
  • Throwing and catching
  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Looking at pictures (“pickers”) of himself and family

In no particular order.

This is probably on par for a 22 month old.  Oops – almost a 23 month old!

Davey Crockett hat.


Also, Cyrus has this new thing at naptime where he hums various notes before he falls asleep.   It makes my heart melt!

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Happy Honk-a-nah From Cyrus!

Well it’s once again been awhile since my last post (in August – the one below I also posted today but pre-dated it), and between then and now Cyrus has increased his vocabulary tenfold.  He speaks short sentences, like “I wanna cookie,” and phrases such as “Tickle torture!”  But the quantum leap is – when told that he is loved, he now answers back with “I love you too!”  This melts my soul until I turn into a gooey puddle of Nutella on a piece of warm toast.

My Little Nerd


Mommy and Cyrus


Listening to Grandma Playing Accordion

My Family

I was just remarking to Allie this evening that the year of 2010 is the year Cyrus went from crawling and babbling to walking and talking.  He is truly becoming a well-formed person.

Not only that, but today marks the day that Cyrus blessed me with an unsolicited performance of air guitar on the broom.  That’s my boy!




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