Green Light Means GO!!!!!!!

Cyrus just recently learned about red lights and green lights.  Red light means stop, green light means go.  So now every time we drive somewhere, when we hit a red light, Cyrus screams from the back of the car, “GREEN LIGHT MEANS GO!!!”  and reaches his arms out in front of him as far as they will extend.  Allie and I decided that Cyrus is trying to make the red light turn green, so we can go.  Our son is exercising his magic skills.

At the baby gym this past Tuesday, Cyrus was playing in the ball pit where they have soft mat-like stairs for the kids to walk up and down in order to get in and out of the pit.  The stairs are half green, half red.  When Cyrus came out of the ball pit, he first landed on the red stairs and was about to walk down, when suddenly he realized what color he was standing on and said, “Red light means stop.”  So he moved over to the right where the stairs were green, and said, “Green light means go,” and proceeded to walk down the green stairs.  This cracked me up.

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!


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