Brewers-Phillies Set!

Shira's Phillies have a seat in playoffs, as Allie anxiously awaits Brewers fate

Dear Baby, These are exciting times! Yes you are arriving in about 16 weeks but in the meantime your Mom’s Phillies will play your Dad’s Brewers! Maybe whoever wins will become your favorite team especially since they will be one step closer to the World Series. As a Brewers fan I have waited a long time for this. A long time ago in a land called the 1980’s the Brewers actually made the World Series and the Phillies won one! Your Mom and Dad have visited many baseball stadiums and now look forward to their teams playing each other for bragging rights. Each team had a prominent Ryan and that’s a boys and girls name. Hmmmm…

Richiro supports the Brew Crew!

Uncle Rich says Robin Yount is also a good two gender name. Robin Yount Goodman Tarantino?!? Chase Rollins Cole Goodman Tarantino?!? We are looking forward to an exciting few weeks of baseball as we prepare for our baby!

As I write the baby is very active kicking away. I thought I’d share this pic! One of my oldest Brewers shirts modeled by my nephew!
2007 Phils vs. Brewers!

2007 Phils vs. Brewers!

This picture was from last year but you can bet we will have our gear out this week for more photos!


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September 27th!



Happy Birthday Shira! You are more beautiful than ever before! Love Allie.

This picture was taken this past Wednesday. It was moments before I felt my first kick from the baby. Shira has been feeling them often, but my first kick took place when I scooted Wish away. She looks disinterested anyway. The first kick was surreal and completely exciting. It was not how I thought it’d feel. First contact was the first thing to come to mind. And echoes.

On Thursday Shira and  I visited the midwife and went to talk on hypno-birthing. I learned that I wouldn’t be a coach but a “Birthing Companion.” I also learned contractions= surge. Which leads me to politics, for some historical context in which this is happening…

We regularly watch CNN/MSNBC, The Daily Show/Colbert, and Bill Maher. It’s obviously election season and we are very concerned. I watched the debate last night but Shira fell asleep. Afterwards I went up to Rit and Erica’s apartment to see the Brewers get back in the playoff mix. I was surprised by Rit and Erica’s… new puppy!

But as I started this blog, have a restful birthday Shira! Love you!

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Have a Heart.

Allie and I visited Dr. Fish (yes, that is his real name) who is a pediatric cardiologist who can look at the hearts of fetuses to see if everything is ok even before it comes out.  He took us through a quick tour of the heart, starting with the left and right ventricles, the aorta, the pulmonary artery, and other areas of the heart.  It was a brief but exciting journey.  It was like Fantastic Voyage, except there was no CIA involved.  Although the doctor was a little strange…

The doctor showed us how the blood pumps in one direction on one side of the heart, and in another direction on the other side.  You can check out this awesome diagram of a fetal heart pumping blood here (click on “heart pumping.”  Neato!

Speaking of heart, this baby is giving me the worst heartburn!  As my womb grows larger, my stomach gets squished and becomes relegated to the middle of my chest.  There’s no room for digestion so everything, even when I’m not eating, gives me heartburn.  But that’s ok baby, I still love you.

I’m also begining to get some dull back pains.  Luckily with my spa connection I can get a pre-natal massage for almost free!

An exciting development is that Allie felt the baby kick for the first time!  The baby was moving around a lot last night in one particular spot, so I had Allie put his hand on my belly right there and sure enough – the baby kicked!  And Allie felt it!

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Month 5 Begins!

shira at week 22.5

shira at week 22.5

We are just returned from another ultrasound visit. This one focused on our baby’s heart. The quick visit was a big success. The doctor gave us some detailed views of the heart of our little one. It was nice to have a doctor visit go so quickly and smoothly. Tomorrow we have another appointment and I’m sure Shira will log on soon and give you more of the details. Enjoy this pic of the mom-to-be! Shira has felt more and more movement from the baby!

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Run, Ichabod, Run

Run, Ichabod, Run

Greetings, It’s Allie! To show you how similar Shira and I sometimes think I just uploaded this pic. As Shira stated we will be using The Hollow as our place for the baby’s birth. She said the hearbeat today at her appointment sounded like the Headless Horsemen. We will have more updated pics soon. Right now I’m watching the Brewers squander their playoff chances while Shira’s Phillies are one of the teams to beat them out. Next week, Presidential debates…

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Heading into 5 Months

I guess I could give birth anywhere.  On a farm, in an elevator, in the back of a cab… but with a little planning I think we’ll just do it in a hospital.  Phelps Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, NY has become our birthing place of choice due to the fact that they house a gaggle – oops, I mean, a practice of midwives.  And if we want, we could even do a birthing tub, but I’m really not picky.  Would that make our child an Olympic swimmer?  I think I could even give birth standing up.  Is that too ambitious?

Phelps Hospital - oops, wait - this is Michael Phelps, U.S. Gold Medalist, 2008.  He could be giving birth in this picture.

Phelps Hospital - oops, wait - this is Michael Phelps, U.S. Gold Medalist in swimming, 2008. He could be giving birth in this picture.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Painting by Robert Van Nutt - Inspired by Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

I still get terrible heartburn from the pregnancy – it’s almost constant and never really goes away.  But the good news is – I can feel the baby moving around in my womb.  And just recently (within the past two days) I’ve begun to feel it move from the outside sometimes when I have my hand on my belly!  What a sensation!  I still can’t believe I have a little human growing inside of me.

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Our 20 week visit went smoothly and that was a relief. Today we took a test drive up to Phelps. There were a total of 3-4 traffic lights from here to Sleepy Hollow and the ride was about 15 minutes. Shira and I are excited about our child being born in the Hollow as we are Halloween enthusiasts. Just this afternoon we visited a Halloween shop and couldn’t pass up a few cute Halloween kids books. Shira has felt a lot more activity in her ever expanding self, but none that could be felt by the rest of us. Her comments and observations have been priceless throughout.

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Halfway there!

Allie and I just went for our big 20-week ultrasound last Wednesday.  The doctor says everything looks good and the fetus looks healthy from what they can see.  Later this month, we are even going to do a separate ultrasound just to look at the heart!  Yay science!

ultrasound at 20 weeks

ultrasound at 20 weeks

Here is the 20-week ultrasound pic of the baby’s head and chest.  The fetus is 15 ounces (almost one pound!) at this point.  And, wow, is my belly growing quickly!  I have the constant heartburn to prove it, too.

Just before Allie and I went to the doctors for this ultrasound, we were joking around that the baby would wave to us when we look at it on the machine.  Well, lo and behold – take a look at this next picture:

Hello there!

Hello there!

The baby waived to us!  It has all ten fingers and ten toes.  But not all on one hand, as you can see.  We can’t tell yet who it looks like, but it does look a little less alien-like than in the past ultrasounds.  Not that we wouldn’t welcome an alien into our brood.  I’m perfectly ok with that.

Since our baby will probably be born on or after January 22nd, she or he will most likely be an Aquarius, just like Pop-Pop Ray!  I’m glad about that because I get along really well with Aquariuses.  They are my astro buddies (I’m a Libra).

Allie and I are going old-school with this birth – we are planning on natural childbirth.  I figured if the human race got this far, I can do it too.  I have my first official appointment with the midwife the week after next and am excited to learn more about midwifery.  Next stop – Hypnobirthing class!

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On work, white stripes, and windows

Hey gang! Allie here. It’s Tuesday and I’m psyched for tomorrow morn as we will be getting more updates and evidence as to what Shira is hatching. As of this moment Shira is at work and I’m home listening to the White Stripes. Our child will be inheriting a huge CD collection. By the time they have their own music collection maybe music will be in drink form. As I said Shira is at work but don’t fret she’s been working just a few hours a week at a really cool spa. It’s a nice chance to get out of the apartment and be in our quiant downtown area. This pic is from our recent weekend visit to my parents. As always mom and dad have been really cool in hooking us up with meals, snacks, and soup (it’s always soup season for Diane!) Last night Shira was staring at the birds outside the window, very similar to her cats hmmmm. I usually pay attention to every sound and thing going on to a fault, our kids attention span will be somewhere in between 🙂

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Dear Baby,

I love you!  Even though I haven’t met you yet.  Your Daddy and I are excited that you are coming.  I can feel you swish around my belly a little bit.  Samhain the cat likes to hang out with you by putting her head on the new “pillow” (my tummy) when she’s in my lap.  I wonder if she knows you’re on the other side…

cat hugging belly

cat hugging belly

Samhain is in my lap right now, and she just strangely rubbed her head up and down my belly.  Did you feel that?  Are you communicating with her?  Neither of you speak English, so maybe you are using some sort of telepathic communication.

I wonder what kind of person you will be.  People are guessing all sorts of things when it comes to your gender.  I would say about 75% have guessed you to be a girl, while the rest are guessing a boy.  People are basing their guesses on all sorts of things: superstitions, wives tales, my size, how I “carry” you, my physical wellness (or not-so-wellness), and their personal projections.  I had a dream about you that you were a girl, but that may or may not be true.  I was just telling a friend that in my dream, someone was showing me the baby – but the person who was holding the baby: I only saw a hand.  The hand had long, red nails – and the only person I ever knew with long red nails was my mother (your Bubba Cheryl!).  So I like to think that she was showing me you!  The baby was in this lavender room, which could go either way (lavender is half pink and half blue!)  And the baby was wearing a white outfit.  The only real give-away that it was a girl (in my dream) was that the outfit had a small ruffle at the bottom. Either way – you were definitely wearing ruffles.  I suppose you could wear that no matter what you turn out to be.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Love, Mommy

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