The Dream of a Thousand Cats

As 2008 winds down we are doing our best to get the apartment ready for the baby! I’ve moved several things to our storage space and by the looks of these pics at least one of the cats has realized they are running out of room…




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Baby’s first in utero Chanukah!

Here’s a picture of our menorah that I tried to take with my belly in it.  The pic didn’t come out exactly as planned (you can’t see my belly), but it sure is nice and arty!

Chanukah menorah

"A Miracle (is going to happen) Here"

The baby keeps a kickin’, and it’s doing some big roly-polys in my belly.  Our latest ultrasound looked really good, and we even saw some hair on the baby’s head!  The other day we also did an NST (non-stress test) to check the baby’s heart rate, and it looks like the baby is healthy and getting enough oxygen.  All I know is that the baby keeps getting the hiccups!  And then I get the hiccups!

I do feel the baby coming down a bit and trying to settle into my pelvis.  There is definitely more pressure on my pelvis and I feel a tightness, alterting me to the fact that we are close – but not close enough.  I waddle when I walk now, and Allie compared me to the Penguin.  Ha ha!

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Paging Diapers McGee

Diapers McGee has become a popular nickname for the baby with our nephews. We’ve been very quiet about any potential names we’ve discussed. To diffuse questions about baby names we usually entertain the boys by suggesting we will name our kid… Diapers McGee!2008-yule-log109

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Merry Merry

It was a quiet Christmas morning. Probably our last QUIET Christmas morning that is. After a wet Christmas Eve today is a little sunnier. All of the snow from last Friday is gone. This morning we watched the Rockettes, exchanged gifts, and stayed warm near the yule log…



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Today is a snow day! This morning we squeezed in our most recent ultrasound and got home before the snow began. School is closed and I’m making the most of the time by cleaning out the apartment. Shira is getting constant movement from the baby and has been in great spirits. We’ve got about an eighth of an inch of snow on the ground but I’ve got plenty of hot chocolate to get me through the day.


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Holiday Foo For Thought

No, that is not a typo. On the road back from Cherry Hill we realized the baby responds to the Foo Fighters. We are pretty psyched as we are big fans of the band. We are in the midst of holiday season and Shira likes the idea of having a tree in the apartment, so we decorated our “fake plastic tree” with our favorite non-religous ornaments in anticpation of our baby. Sorry jesus.


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Breastfeeding Class – or, Classy Breastfeeding

I attended the breastfeeding class last night and it was very informative. I feel like I learned so much, and the instructor also gave us articles and resources to take home.

The breast part – oops, I mean the best part – of the class was the instructor’s fake plush demonstration boob. During one of her demos, she showed us how the baby would open its mouth up for a feeding if its nose was tickled with the nipple (an instinct that all healthy babies have). So she took the plush boobie and tickled her nose with its nipple. Then she opened her mouth just like a baby would. Then she placed the boobie and nipple in her mouth, which, while I was taking seriously on the outside, I was laughing hysterically on the inside. This would have looked pretty funny out of context. Come to think of it, it looked pretty funny in context too.

She also had three demonstration babies (infant sized) that we practiced on (clothed, I might add). This was also quite funny, but not as funny as the boobie demonstration.

Towards the end of the class, we watched a video that you can actually see here.breastfeeding

Overall, I feel less anxious about breastfeeding now, having been armed with more information and resources from the class. I can even join the breastfeeding support group there (at Full Circle Family Care in Westchester), which happens weekly, and I can call the lactation consultant if I have any questions.

There’s also the La Leche League, a good resource for breastfeeding mothers, of which my own mother was a member way back when I was a baby.


Shira and Allie Thanksgiving 2008

Shira and Allie Thanksgiving 2008 - our 6-year-old nephew took this picture!

33 1/2 weeks

33 1/2 weeks

Grandpa Ray and Shira

Grandpa Ray and Shira

Thanksgiving Belly

Thanksgiving Belly

Shira Hitchcock Presents

Shira Hitchcock Presents

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T-minus six weeks and counting…

(give or take a couple weeks).

Allie and I have finally… registered!



While Allie and I are naturally an interfaith family (Or are we multi-faith,? Or exo-faith? Or earthy-faith? Or George Michael faith?), in keeping with Jewish tradition in honor of my mother Cheryl, we will not be having the official shower / baby naming ceremony until after the baby is born.  However, we might have a small informal get-together before hand just because it will be practical, and of course, fun!  Who doesn’t like eating cookies and talking about baby booties?  The big shower date to be announced after the birth of our baby.

In the meantime, if you’d like to view our baby registry online, go to:

Just type one of our names in, or type our registry number # 7139084 .

When you look up our registry, it will have our expected due date.  This is not a date for any sort of party (it’s a bit unclear).  But you can party all you want on that day wherever you may be!  Besides, who knows when the baby will actually show up.  Perhaps it will take after its mommy and be fashionably late.  Wearing something funky.  Like hair.

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Seven More Weeks!

I’m feeling so heavy today.  Literally.  My belly is expanding by the minute and the fetus is moving into position.  My midriff just feels like a really weighty iron pan, pulling me down toward the ground.  I’m really looking forward to giving birth!

The night before last I woke up around 5 AM – and I surprised myself by realizing that I was holding my bottle of belly massage oil.  Wha?!?!  I didn’t go to bed holding it.  I don’t remember picking it up, but apparently, I had slept holding it.  The first thing I did when I realized what I was holding was I checked my belly to make sure I didn’t actually put any on during the night while I was in bed.  Nope.  Whew!  That would have made for a slippery sleeping experience (say that 10 times really fast)!  This is the first time I remember ever having done anything remotely close to sleepwalking.  Luckily, I usually keep the bottle of oil on my night table, so I couldn’t have gone far.  I just realized that I should have also checked Allie for oil, too.  That would have been funny if I had slathered him in my sleep!  Or would it?

Well, we have seven more weeks to go before we hit the 40 week mark.  I will now be seeing the midwife weekly, along with keeping up to date with the endocrinologist and nutritionist to keep on top of my blood sugar levels.  When I visited the nutritionist, she told me that I can take advantage of some activity after I eat (to keep my blood sugar numbers lower).  So she suggested that when I clean the dishes, I walk in place at the same time.  So I tried it.  Turns out that I can’t wash dishes and walk in place at the same time.  You try it!  It’s like patting your head and rubbing your belly simultaneously – it takes a special talent.

Yesterday at the midwives office, they put a weird belt contraption on my belly and took a fetal EKG.  Everything looked good, and the midwife said that the placenta was “doing its job” (whatever that means), and that I was in sync with the baby’s movements, according to the monitoring of my button-pressing whenever I felt a kick.

The baby is moving around like it’s a Solid Gold dancer.  It’s happily sitting on top of my bladder, too, which makes it fun for my underpants.  They may be under pants, but they’re working over time!  Alright!

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