Uncle Air-in.

So it ended up that Aaron took the long way to get home.  We got word that he missed his connecting flight in Chicago to Beijing, and he ended up in London and had to go the other way.  I calculated that he must have been in the air about a day and a half.  Hope he’s home and resting now.

In other news, our washing machine broke down mid-cycle with all of Cyrus’ sheets in it, so after a visit from the repair fairy who told us that we’d be better off buying a new one rather than fix a 20 year old machine (with parts that they don’t even make anymore), we took a trip to the appliance store and purchased a new one.  When we were in the parking lot, an airplane flew above us.  Cyrus looked up and said, “Airplane!” and continued on to say, “Uncle Aaron in it.”

Here are some more pictures in a slide show from this past month when he was here.

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February Madness!

It has been fun having Uncle Aaron here, but unfortunately he leaves for Beijing tomorrow.  But we had a blast.  This year, Cyrus truly got to know Aaron, as opposed to last year when Cyrus was just a baby.  For the past month since Aaron has been here, Cyrus kept saying, “Hi Uncle Aaron!  Hi Uncle Aaron!”

Uncle Aaron gets his Double Dare T-shirt

Aaron did some funny dances for Cyrus during his stay, and we finished off this past Friday with a surprise presentation of a long-awaited Double Dare t-shirt. Aaron enjoyed some of America’s finest fare, which we capped off today with a visit to Taco Bell.  Mmmmerica.

We enjoyed the family’s Superbowl XLV extravaganza.  We took Uncle Aaron to the mall a couple of times so he could get his American community fix.  But I think the most fun part was to see Aaron and Cyrus interact with one another, with Cyrus having actual toddler conversations with Aaron.  A good time was had by all!

So here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure from this February.  I’ll post more once I upload the rest.

Aaron Feb2011

Having fun at the Superbowl



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Meat, a Chocolate Treat, and a Chance of Sleet

…and the award for most meat in one sitting goes to – Cyrus!  Last night, Cyrus ate the most meat he’s ever eaten at once.  He ate almost an entire turkey burger!  Sans bun.  No sauce gimmicks.  I think the secret lay in the fact that Allie grilled the meat outside in 17 degree weather.  Toil makes it tastier.  Then for dessert, we sang Happy Birthday to Cyrus as per his request, with a leftover piece of chocolate cake from Sunday.

It just began to snow again this morning and today there’s going to be a lot of sleet. Ugh!  Looking forward to warmer days.

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