Juniper Hope

A week ago at this time we were preparing to meet up with the midwives in Norwalk, but Shira’s labor instantly quickened and before we knew there was little time before the baby was here! There was a brief moment while holding Cyrus and waiting for my parents where I couldn’t figure out how the situation just blazed by…in a moment of clarity I called for an ambulance. Shira, my biggest hero, knew the baby was coming while I was hoping the ambulance was coming. When the seven person crew arrived I finally calmed down a bit, but time was all a blur. The banter between the EMS crew was calming for me because I knew Shira and the baby were not in danger. In about 90 seconds they knew the baby would be born in our home and the firefighter receiving the baby would be catching his first newborn. The crew was very experienced at one point one of them turned to me and said, “You’ve got a great crew here.” Finally my parents arrived and I passed off Cyrus to them (he had watched most of Shira’s labor and in the days that followed did an impersonation).  Shira had about a dozen serious surges as we tried to turn the room into a delivery room. She finally rolled over to her back and gave birth to a baby girl. One of the first things she asked for was to get Cyrus, so I ran downstairs and told my parents we had a girl and grabbed Cyrus. He didn’t want to stay too long, but we would be on the move to the hospital soon. Shira and the baby were stabilized and she was brought safely downstairs. I was pretty dizzy as I never thought we’d have a girl (let alone in our own home). I handed Juniper to my mom as I quickly collected our bags which I had moved from the car to the basement. Our arrival at the ER was like a scene out of a movie and one I’ll never forget. There had to be about 50 people just staring at us as we walked in with a …newborn! After we settled into delivery room I began to call a few people, my mom mentioned Cyrus was talking about the moon and mentioned a Hope Street baby. I now knew what Juniper’s middle name would be! Some people go their whole life without a good story to tell. Juniper is only one week old, but she’s already got a great one.


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