February Madness!

It has been fun having Uncle Aaron here, but unfortunately he leaves for Beijing tomorrow.  But we had a blast.  This year, Cyrus truly got to know Aaron, as opposed to last year when Cyrus was just a baby.  For the past month since Aaron has been here, Cyrus kept saying, “Hi Uncle Aaron!  Hi Uncle Aaron!”

Uncle Aaron gets his Double Dare T-shirt

Aaron did some funny dances for Cyrus during his stay, and we finished off this past Friday with a surprise presentation of a long-awaited Double Dare t-shirt. Aaron enjoyed some of America’s finest fare, which we capped off today with a visit to Taco Bell.  Mmmmerica.

We enjoyed the family’s Superbowl XLV extravaganza.  We took Uncle Aaron to the mall a couple of times so he could get his American community fix.  But I think the most fun part was to see Aaron and Cyrus interact with one another, with Cyrus having actual toddler conversations with Aaron.  A good time was had by all!

So here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure from this February.  I’ll post more once I upload the rest.

Aaron Feb2011

Having fun at the Superbowl




February 21, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Uncle Aaron replied:

    Cyrus always says “Hi Uncle Aaron” twice. The first time it means “hi”. The second time it means “I love you”.

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