Accidental Nutmeggers

The rumors are true!  The Tarantinos are moving to Connecticut.

I gots teef!

I gots teef!

So much has happened since our last post.  Allie and I went house hunting, put a bid on a house, and then it was accepted.  And now we have been approved for a mortgage!  The only thing left to do is the closing – and then finally – move into our new home!!! We also bought a small island off the coast of Mongolia.  Just kidding.  Mongolia doesn’t have a coast.

I now truly believe that the internet is another magical tool.  I put it out there that I wanted a personal stimulus package, a home, and even a cannoli – and I got all three!  Whoever says magic doesn’t work, to them I say, “Suck it, Trebek.”

Our new home is a townhouse in Stamford, Connecticut (it only took me 37 years to spell that state name correctly).  It has two bedrooms and a loft and two and a half baths.  We have our own entrance and exit, a one-car garage, and a small but welcoming terrace off the living room.  On one side we have a view of the courtyard that all the town homes and condos share, complete with a Japanese maple and a cherry blossom tree, and on the other side we have a view of Bob’s Discount Furniture.  Ironically, our living room set is from this very same store, so as Allie said, our couches will be coming full circle.

Finally, Cyrus will have his own room!  Right now, in our cramped 1-bedroom apartment, the crib is literally two feet away from our bed.  So this will be a nice change.  Either that or it will be torture for me because I won’t be sleeping next to my baby anymore. Waaaa!

Click the thumbnails below to see a Facebook slide show of the “Before” pics!

Thumbnails of Hope.

It’s worth noting that while Allie, Cyrus and I will be moving to another state, we are actually only moving about 20 minutes north of where we live now.  It’s a fairly easy commute for Allie to work.  And lest you think we’d be isolating ourselves, I’ve recently learned that my cousin Dale lives only 5 minutes from our new home!  Not only that, but we also learned that my dad’s friend’s son lives about 10 minutes away in Stamford as well.  Crazy stuff! Allie and I also have other friends who live in the state, so I feel like we moved to a place with our own personal built-in community.   As a bonus, Gene Wilder is a Stamford resident.  Who knew that I could ever say that Willy Wonka is our neighbor?

Looks like I got the golden ticket.

Willy Wonka teaches Cyrus a lesson

Willy Wonka teaches Cyrus a lesson

In other news…

Happy first Father’s Day Allie!

Cyrus and Daddy

Cyrus and Daddy


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  1. m replied:

    Congrats on the move to your new home!

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