Breastfeeding Class – or, Classy Breastfeeding

I attended the breastfeeding class last night and it was very informative. I feel like I learned so much, and the instructor also gave us articles and resources to take home.

The breast part – oops, I mean the best part – of the class was the instructor’s fake plush demonstration boob. During one of her demos, she showed us how the baby would open its mouth up for a feeding if its nose was tickled with the nipple (an instinct that all healthy babies have). So she took the plush boobie and tickled her nose with its nipple. Then she opened her mouth just like a baby would. Then she placed the boobie and nipple in her mouth, which, while I was taking seriously on the outside, I was laughing hysterically on the inside. This would have looked pretty funny out of context. Come to think of it, it looked pretty funny in context too.

She also had three demonstration babies (infant sized) that we practiced on (clothed, I might add). This was also quite funny, but not as funny as the boobie demonstration.

Towards the end of the class, we watched a video that you can actually see here.breastfeeding

Overall, I feel less anxious about breastfeeding now, having been armed with more information and resources from the class. I can even join the breastfeeding support group there (at Full Circle Family Care in Westchester), which happens weekly, and I can call the lactation consultant if I have any questions.

There’s also the La Leche League, a good resource for breastfeeding mothers, of which my own mother was a member way back when I was a baby.


Shira and Allie Thanksgiving 2008

Shira and Allie Thanksgiving 2008 - our 6-year-old nephew took this picture!

33 1/2 weeks

33 1/2 weeks

Grandpa Ray and Shira

Grandpa Ray and Shira

Thanksgiving Belly

Thanksgiving Belly

Shira Hitchcock Presents

Shira Hitchcock Presents


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