My Little Pumpkin

My mommy (Grandma Cheryl!) used to tell me that when I was born she briefly called me her “little pumpkin” because it was around pumpkin season.  Well, it’s that time of the year again, and yesterday Allie and I went pumpkin picking at a patch on Wilkens Farm.  This year I couldn’t pick and carry a really large one, but I chose a nice one that’s perfect for carving.  Stay tuned for pictures of our carved pumpkins!

Someone turned their baby into a pumpkin ?!?

Earlier that morning before we went pumpkin picking, we took a tour of the hospital where we will be giving birth.  One of the nurses took us around and showed us the various rooms, some with birthing tubs and some with birthing beds.  I didn’t know this beforehand, but the nurse told us that when a woman gives birth in a tub, she has to get out before she delivers the placenta.  So basically, you would have to get out of the tub almost immediately afterward in order to do that, which seems like unnecessary moving around after having struggled to give birth.  My guess, however, is that the nurses don’t want to have to de-clog the drains of placenta.  Yummy.

In 2005, I was lucky enough to be in the birthing room of a good friend of mine.  After she gave birth, the doctor took what looked like a large yellow Tupperware bowl and caught the placenta (or most of it anyway) with it.  Who knew that Tupperware would come in handy in a birthing room!  They never mention that at the parties.  I think it’s a selling point.

If anyone out there have any pros or cons regarding tub birthing, let me know.  I want the whole story!

Allie is “with pumpkin”:


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