Got Milk?

I am going to breastfeed my baby.  I am reading all about breastfeeding, and I also think I will work with a lactation counselor when the time comes.  I’ll also be using a breast pump.  I was advised by Angela (Allie’s sister, Aunt Angela!) that I should stick with the single breast pump as opposed to the double because it takes some concentration to pump just one breast, let alone two at a time.  But when Allie and I were at the midwives’ group the other day, we picked up this pamphlet, just in case we change our mind:

Apparently for busy moms on the go!  Imagine if the person on the other end of the phone line knew that while they are discussing the quarterly reports, Mom is double-pumping her milk – with no one the wiser!  It must be important to have your datebook open while double pumping breast milk, just in case you pump into your next appointment.

I hear that breast feeding feels very nurturing, and also helps to strengthen the bond between mother and child.  I’m looking forward to trying!

I wonder if Allie wants to breastfeed too.  We could go buy that contraption that Robert Deniro wears in Meet the Parents, where he sports a breastfeeding apparatus for men.  I tried to find a picture on the internet of him wearing it, but alas, all I found was this:

Notice that this man is also holding a fake baby.  I think he has issues.  It just goes to show you – you can find almost anything on the internet, except Robert Deniro breastfeeding.

Today I finally had my pre-natal massage at the Village Day Spa.  It was amazing!  She turned me into mush and my back felt much better when I left.  Debbie the massage therapist that worked on me pinpointed exactly where on my back it was knotted up and hurting (although it was a full body massage, pre-natal style, of course).  I’ve been having back pains since my belly has grown and I’ve had to tilt my body slightly backwards in order to balance.  I was so glad to finally have a massage.  I think I might get another one in my third trimester, which is coming up soon!

I am in week 26 right now, which is about 5 months and three weeks (I know the math doesn’t add up, but they count the weeks leading up to conception as well).  While my doctor’s due date for me is January 22nd, I could give birth anywhere from about two weeks before that date to two weeks after, so January is actually a “due month.”  The Hypnobirthing instructor calls it a “guess date.”

It’s almost baby season!


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