Brewers-Phillies Set!

Shira's Phillies have a seat in playoffs, as Allie anxiously awaits Brewers fate

Dear Baby, These are exciting times! Yes you are arriving in about 16 weeks but in the meantime your Mom’s Phillies will play your Dad’s Brewers! Maybe whoever wins will become your favorite team especially since they will be one step closer to the World Series. As a Brewers fan I have waited a long time for this. A long time ago in a land called the 1980’s the Brewers actually made the World Series and the Phillies won one! Your Mom and Dad have visited many baseball stadiums and now look forward to their teams playing each other for bragging rights. Each team had a prominent Ryan and that’s a boys and girls name. Hmmmm…

Richiro supports the Brew Crew!

Uncle Rich says Robin Yount is also a good two gender name. Robin Yount Goodman Tarantino?!? Chase Rollins Cole Goodman Tarantino?!? We are looking forward to an exciting few weeks of baseball as we prepare for our baby!

As I write the baby is very active kicking away. I thought I’d share this pic! One of my oldest Brewers shirts modeled by my nephew!
2007 Phils vs. Brewers!

2007 Phils vs. Brewers!

This picture was from last year but you can bet we will have our gear out this week for more photos!


September 29, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Shira replied:

    Go Phillies!

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