September 27th!



Happy Birthday Shira! You are more beautiful than ever before! Love Allie.

This picture was taken this past Wednesday. It was moments before I felt my first kick from the baby. Shira has been feeling them often, but my first kick took place when I scooted Wish away. She looks disinterested anyway. The first kick was surreal and completely exciting. It was not how I thought it’d feel. First contact was the first thing to come to mind. And echoes.

On Thursday Shira and  I visited the midwife and went to talk on hypno-birthing. I learned that I wouldn’t be a coach but a “Birthing Companion.” I also learned contractions= surge. Which leads me to politics, for some historical context in which this is happening…

We regularly watch CNN/MSNBC, The Daily Show/Colbert, and Bill Maher. It’s obviously election season and we are very concerned. I watched the debate last night but Shira fell asleep. Afterwards I went up to Rit and Erica’s apartment to see the Brewers get back in the playoff mix. I was surprised by Rit and Erica’s… new puppy!

But as I started this blog, have a restful birthday Shira! Love you!


September 27, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Shira replied:

    I just learned that an “echo” is what they call a sonogram in Holland.

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