Halfway there!

Allie and I just went for our big 20-week ultrasound last Wednesday.  The doctor says everything looks good and the fetus looks healthy from what they can see.  Later this month, we are even going to do a separate ultrasound just to look at the heart!  Yay science!

ultrasound at 20 weeks

ultrasound at 20 weeks

Here is the 20-week ultrasound pic of the baby’s head and chest.  The fetus is 15 ounces (almost one pound!) at this point.  And, wow, is my belly growing quickly!  I have the constant heartburn to prove it, too.

Just before Allie and I went to the doctors for this ultrasound, we were joking around that the baby would wave to us when we look at it on the machine.  Well, lo and behold – take a look at this next picture:

Hello there!

Hello there!

The baby waived to us!  It has all ten fingers and ten toes.  But not all on one hand, as you can see.  We can’t tell yet who it looks like, but it does look a little less alien-like than in the past ultrasounds.  Not that we wouldn’t welcome an alien into our brood.  I’m perfectly ok with that.

Since our baby will probably be born on or after January 22nd, she or he will most likely be an Aquarius, just like Pop-Pop Ray!  I’m glad about that because I get along really well with Aquariuses.  They are my astro buddies (I’m a Libra).

Allie and I are going old-school with this birth – we are planning on natural childbirth.  I figured if the human race got this far, I can do it too.  I have my first official appointment with the midwife the week after next and am excited to learn more about midwifery.  Next stop – Hypnobirthing class!


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