On work, white stripes, and windows

Hey gang! Allie here. It’s Tuesday and I’m psyched for tomorrow morn as we will be getting more updates and evidence as to what Shira is hatching. As of this moment Shira is at work and I’m home listening to the White Stripes. Our child will be inheriting a huge CD collection. By the time they have their own music collection maybe music will be in drink form. As I said Shira is at work but don’t fret she’s been working just a few hours a week at a really cool spa. It’s a nice chance to get out of the apartment and be in our quiant downtown area. This pic is from our recent weekend visit to my parents. As always mom and dad have been really cool in hooking us up with meals, snacks, and soup (it’s always soup season for Diane!) Last night Shira was staring at the birds outside the window, very similar to her cats hmmmm. I usually pay attention to every sound and thing going on to a fault, our kids attention span will be somewhere in between 🙂


September 9, 2008. Uncategorized.

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