Yellowbrick Road to January

Dad-to-be at Week 18

Dad-to-be at Week 18

Over the past few weeks Shira has had to put up with my Vanilla Coke binges and late night cravings for Milwaukee Brewers MLB Baseball. The recent past has been incredibly exciting! I’ve made my usual transition from summer #21 at the Wood to school year #10 at the Ward this year with the added incentive of becoming a Dad! September is a month of birthdays for my family. Mom on the 18th, Shira on the 27th, Dad on the 28th, and now Erica on the 1st! Next week we go for our big ultrasound next week. If its anything like the 20 minute session I was a few weeks ago it should be pretty cool. My favorite part was how they made a sound bite out of the heartbeat. Fresh stuff! We will of course keep you posted of any pics or news so please check regulary.


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  1. Lisa replied:

    Cravings by proxy?

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