Dear Baby,

I love you!  Even though I haven’t met you yet.  Your Daddy and I are excited that you are coming.  I can feel you swish around my belly a little bit.  Samhain the cat likes to hang out with you by putting her head on the new “pillow” (my tummy) when she’s in my lap.  I wonder if she knows you’re on the other side…

cat hugging belly

cat hugging belly

Samhain is in my lap right now, and she just strangely rubbed her head up and down my belly.  Did you feel that?  Are you communicating with her?  Neither of you speak English, so maybe you are using some sort of telepathic communication.

I wonder what kind of person you will be.  People are guessing all sorts of things when it comes to your gender.  I would say about 75% have guessed you to be a girl, while the rest are guessing a boy.  People are basing their guesses on all sorts of things: superstitions, wives tales, my size, how I “carry” you, my physical wellness (or not-so-wellness), and their personal projections.  I had a dream about you that you were a girl, but that may or may not be true.  I was just telling a friend that in my dream, someone was showing me the baby – but the person who was holding the baby: I only saw a hand.  The hand had long, red nails – and the only person I ever knew with long red nails was my mother (your Bubba Cheryl!).  So I like to think that she was showing me you!  The baby was in this lavender room, which could go either way (lavender is half pink and half blue!)  And the baby was wearing a white outfit.  The only real give-away that it was a girl (in my dream) was that the outfit had a small ruffle at the bottom. Either way – you were definitely wearing ruffles.  I suppose you could wear that no matter what you turn out to be.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Love, Mommy


September 6, 2008. Uncategorized.

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