Cletus the Fetus

Names are under wraps right now, but I was briefly calling the baby “Cletus” simply because it rhymes with fetus.  Here are a few ultrasound pics for all you science buffs:

ultrasound 10 weeks

ultrasound 10 weeks

During the 10 week mark is when I had that terrible second fall, so when I went to the doctors to make sure everything was ok, they gave me my first ultrasound.  Here is the picture of the little peanut, which was no more than 16 millimeters long.

But even at 16 mm in size, I was already feeling very nauseous and pretty much sick or queasy almost all day.  I am hoping that during this 9 month period it will be the only time it’s a real troublemaker.  Hope the kid is better behaved after birth!

My next ultrasound was taken at 14 weeks.  The baby is beginning to look cute!  If you look closely, you can see its spine well, and the ears, nose and mouth have fully formed.  We also know that it has all 10 fingers and 10 toes.  The ultrasound technician cut off the picture so that we can’t see the genitals.  She told us that she can see already if it’s a girl or a boy – but we don’t want to know!

ultrasound 14 weeks

ultrasound 14 weeks

Our 17-week ultrasound was when they had us hear the heart beat.  It was incredible!  I gave it an 85 cause you can dance to it.  Apparently, the baby moves around a lot because the next time we saw it on ultrasound it had flipped in the other direction.  This is not trick photography!  It was even moving as we were looking at it, and we saw it put up its hand, which I took as a wave “hello.”

ultrasound 17 weeks

ultrasound 17 weeks

As I write this, I am going into my 20 weeks today.  We have our big 20-week ultrasound in 6 days.  I’ll share that with you afterwards.


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  1. Chandara replied:

    AAAIIIIEEEEE!!! LOOKEE BABY!!!!!! ::delighted applause::

  2. nehusita replied:

    awww what a blessing…ok right now i am about 17 weeks or more…now did you feel a lot of movement with the baby then??

    • handfastings replied:

      Congratulations nehusita! Believe it or not, I don’t remember when the movement began. But I can tell you that he moved more and more as it got closer to his due date. If you are about 4 months and change right now, I wouldn’t worry so much about movement, although you may start feeling something soon! Just make sure that you see the doctor or your midwife on a regular basis and they’ll be able to tell you on average when mothers begin feeling the babies kick. Congrats again!

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